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FILASSIST VIE QUOTIDIENNE +: A personalized solution to maintain a life balance in all circumstances.

Our guiding principle: Help people cope calmly with all health-related life events, whether expected or not.

We have designed an offer that applies as soon as the contract is taken out, in a spirit of prevention and support for your policyholders, thereby enabling them to preserve their health and better organize their everyday life.

The "Filassist Vie Quotidienne +" offer: services accessible immediately and for the duration of the contract:

In order to support policyholders and their category at all times of their life, new services relating to "well-being", but also to more sensitive situations (orphan diseases, rare diseases or ALDs, hospitalization, etc.) for a comprehensive approach to health.

Being serene and in good health.
  • Getting the right information, the right service at the right time and the appropriate attention in times of need.
Information on health and everyday life, help and guidance in healthcare options, psychological support in case of difficulties, finding and referring to local service providers.

Encouraging the return home after hospitalization.
  • Facilitate family life during and after hospitalization.
A convalescence aid plan, preparation of the home, travel support, home help and care for or transfer of dependent children or next of kin living at home, and pets.

Supporting the policyholder or spouse in the event of chemotherapy follow-up.
  • Special support set up.
Home help, toilet and dressing assistance, child-minding and help in finding suppliers of wigs.

Helping policyholders in their parental responsibilities.
  • Pregnancy prevention and assistance if the child falls ill, is hospitalized or immobilized.
Preventive information during pregnancy, home help in case of multiple births, payment of transfer, support or home tutoring costs if the child is hospitalized.

This offer can be extended with two supplementary modules:
  • The option "assistance for disease/accident abroad" option;
  • Health legal protection.